Established in 2011, located in Queens, NY and Gaithersburg M.D,
Empresstyles Beauty Salon quickly grew to be a statewide leader in creating snazzy natural haircare and an aspiring loc forum, with a starter kit to a new lifestyle and a unquestionable record in customer service.

As little girl from a low income, single parent home constantly observed the struggles of her mother to provide for her family. There was a desire to “rescue” this awesome woman who never complained but was frustrated.
In the 80’s I fell in love with the voice of the late Bob Marley, became fascinated with his locs, but perplexed by the way it grew. I wanted his locs but only if I can make it look better.
My curiosity lead me to the introduction of “DREAD LOCK” but it was hair! I thought, there’s nothing dreadful about it, our hair is our beauty. I was too young to wear them so I gained knowledge on it’s history until I was old enough to have them. In 1996 I started and became very creative, people complimented me but never believed I did them myself.
I few people asked me to do theirs, the word spread very quickly and my Home based business started. I still service some of those same customers today.

I have been providing communities and enthusiastics with skilfull, talented and high class speciality in haircare related products and services. As a friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and professional, I will inspire, educate, problem solve and transform my customer’s beauty in a clean, classy and comfortable environment.

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